The tenth of October: Reclaim optimism


Artists have depicted goats from times prior to their domestication. Goats in art often represent optimism, fertility and renewal. In 1950, artist Pablo Picasso was inspired by feelings of optimism and hope and crafted a sculpture entitled, The She-Goat. The unique sculpture was crafted from discarded items he collected in the neighboring fields where potters would throw rubbish. The She-Goat is life-sized, and was created from bits of a wicker basket, metal sheets, palm fronds and ceramic baskets. She is pregnant and bears an optimistic expression. What can we reclaim and renew for an optimistic future?

Picasso's She Goat

The She-Goat, photograph from the Musée Picasso Paris. She normally resides at the Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) in New York City.