The thirty first of July 2019


Sometimes you just have to find your opening and sometimes you have to nudge it open yourself. There is always a way forward, even if sometimes it feels like it’s going to be a tight squeeze.

Seriously though, you can do it!

The thirtieth of July 2019


Sometimes life can be really difficult and it can feel very unfair. By no means am I an expert in how to handle every challenge, complication or adversity that we encounter throughout our lives. However, even in the darkest of hours, perhaps when it is time to say goodbye to an ideal or a dream or a reality that must end or will never be, there are always glimmers of hope, like streetlights shining on puddles in potholes. For example, tiny, baby goats.

Life is wonderful but hard, luckily we have the internet and digital cameras to make it a bit brighter.

The twenty ninth of July 2019


What is better than a goat of the day? Two goats of the day of course. If you look around enough, you can find abundance in your life. Even if it is something as simple as a collection of photographs of goats.

Some days are two goat days.

The twenty eighth of July 2019


It is never too late to start something new or make a big change. Rest today and prepare for new opportunities and developments for the week ahead.

Feel like changing course? To quote a famous shoe, just do it.

The twenty seventh of July 2019


Going on holiday is meant to be a fun break from our normal routines, but sometimes such vacations can be quite stressful. Maybe consider when you are planning your summer adventures for having a short staycation – a holiday enjoying your own country or locale as though you were visiting there as a tourist. Or, you could just chill at home with a good friend. Either way, make sure you take set aside some time for some rest and relation this summer.

You can have a fab rest abroad or near home.

The twenty fifth of July 2019


When you start out and offer yourself to the universe, keep your mind open to all feedback, and try (although it’s hard) to receive all feedback with gratitude. Even the negative feedback, even the critical feedback. Sometimes we hold onto what we want so much and it’s hard to let go, but once you let go you can make space for newer and better possibilities.

Always search for the open window when it seems like the doors are shut.

The twenty-fourth day of July 2019


Trust me, always double and triple check emails before you send them. Everybody sometimes is guilty of letting a typo slip up here and there, so forgive yourself if it happens. However, best to make sure you read everything over before you hit send. Also, if you are in part of the world experiencing the heat wave, I hope you have a shady spot to chill out.

Everyone makes mistakes and that is ok.

The twenty second of July 2019

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Rejection is just another step towards success. It may hurt in the moment, but if you keep moving you’ll eventually get there.

Everyone experiences, no one likes it, but it is a necessary part of the journey.