The last day of 2018 – New Year’s Eve


Here we are, the end of another year. Thank you for supporting Goat of the Day over the past few months, I hope to continue bringing you daily goats in the new year. The past year has had its ups and downs, so often the news can really weigh on me. It is my sincerest hope that Goat of the Day cheerfully interrupts the negativity with a brief moment to enjoy one of humanity’s best friends – the goat. Happy New Year everyone!


Time stops for no one. 

The thirtieth of December 2018


Thinking about the year ahead? Many people find the new year is a great time to make resolutions pertaining to things they are going to do differently than the previous year. Oftentimes, these resolutions focus on self-improvement in one way or another. Goal setting is important and can be helpful, but perhaps consider making a resolution this year to accept and love yourself as is. Maybe you don’t really need that diet, plan or course, maybe you are great just the way you are.


Resolutions are fab, but so are you. 

The twenty ninth of December 2018


Yo, it is the last Saturday of 2018, sit down, relax, have a delicious beverage, and ruminate on the year.


The final weekend of 2018 is an excellent time to relax and reflect. 

The twenty seventh of December 2018


Betwixt and between – do you ever feel as though you are in between stages of your life? The term “liminality” comes from the Latin word limen for threshold, and is used by anthropologists to describe transitional periods in life, the beginning of changing from one status or state to another. These transitions are characterised by three parts: separation, the liminal period and re-assimilation. For example, being engaged is a liminal period between when an individual is no longer single, but not yet married. Another  liminal period in many people’s lives is when they are studying at university – they are no longer a child living at home with the family, but are not quite yet full adults in society. Both of these transitional periods are ended by a large ritual, such as a wedding or graduation. In some ways, the week between Christmas and the New Year is a liminal period, between one year and preparing for the next. Typical daily routines are often suspended, many people are removed from their workplaces or offices, and different foods are consumed, only to be punctuated by a large, festive ritual on New Year’s Eve to welcome the New Year.


Be patient, the new year and new promises are coming soon!

Boxing Day 2018


Now that Christmas is over, enjoy some time to relax. It is Boxing Day in the UK and its Commonwealth countries. Boxing Day may have originated during the Middle Ages when people would collect charity for the poor in the form of alms boxes that would be opened every 26 of December in honor of Saint Stephen. An alternative origin claims that Boxing Day originated from aristocrats boxing up their leftovers to give to their staff as a holiday bonus the day after their own Christmas celebrations. Boxing Day has been a day off from the beginning of bank holidays in 1871. Although its original meaning has faded into the late-twentieth century post-Christmas shopping frenzy, people all over enjoy a day off. I hope that you had a lovely day off, snagged a deal, or enjoyed some delicious leftovers with loved ones.


In the UK and its Commonwealths, Boxing Day is a celebrated day off after Christmas.

Christmas 2018


Whew the big day is here! All of the preparation, decoration, wrapping each gift, mailing each card, frosting each cookie (biscuit if you will), carefully warming the pudding, it all leads up to now! Enjoy the fruits of your labors, enjoy your family and friends, and I wish you all a very, merry Christmas, thank you for supporting Goat of the Day!


I wish you and your family a most wonderful Christmas.

The twenty third of December 2018


Do you ever feel as though it is hard to slow down? Our to-do lists and schedules can get so jam-packed sometimes it’s hard to sit back and enjoy. During the next few days, make sure that you take some time to sit back and enjoy the holiday and those around you.


If you slow down it’s easier to enjoy all the wonderful details of the holiday season. 


The twenty second of December 2018


Whew, only three days to go! Did you wait until the last minute? Don’t stress, everything has suddenly gone on sale, you can still nab a great deal on gifts for your friends and loved ones. Remember to breathe and take some time for yourself.