The twenty seventh of December 2018


Betwixt and between – do you ever feel as though you are in between stages of your life? The term “liminality” comes from the Latin word limenĀ for threshold, and is used by anthropologists to describe transitional periods in life, the beginning of changing from one status or state to another. These transitions are characterised by three parts: separation, the liminal period and re-assimilation. For example, being engaged is a liminal period between when an individual is no longer single, but not yet married. AnotherĀ  liminal period in many people’s lives is when they are studying at university – they are no longer a child living at home with the family, but are not quite yet full adults in society. Both of these transitional periods are ended by a large ritual, such as a wedding or graduation. In some ways, the week between Christmas and the New Year is a liminal period, between one year and preparing for the next. Typical daily routines are often suspended, many people are removed from their workplaces or offices, and different foods are consumed, only to be punctuated by a large, festive ritual on New Year’s Eve to welcome the New Year.


Be patient, the new year and new promises are coming soon!