The seventh of August 2019


If you find yourself overwhelmed, take a moment to check in, relax, and just breathe. Find a comfortable seat, close your eyes and listen to your breathe and let the moment pass. Summer can be lovely, but it can also be super busy, so make sure to look after yourself amidst the holiday adventures.

Inhale, exhale, allow yourself a moment of quiet rest here and there

The sixteenth of June 2019


The third Sunday in June has been designated as Father’s Day for 62 years in the United States, and was not officially recognized as a holiday until 1972. A young woman, Sonora Louise Smart Dodd was inspired by her own father, who raised her and her five siblings alone, and campaigned for a special day honoring all fathers to be celebrated on his birthday.

Even if you sometimes butt heads with your dad (like me), make sure to tell him how much he’s appreciated today.

Let’s hear it for dads!

The first of May 2019


Today is May Day, or International Workers’ Day. Interestingly, May Day originated in Chicago, Illinois, where demonstrators organised in May of 1886 after a two year effort to rally support for enforcement of eight hour work days. The Haymarket Meeting was put to an end by over zealous police officers who stormed the otherwise peaceful meeting demanding more equitable and safer working conditions. Eight men were arrested for involvement with the riot, although some of them were not even at the event, four were executed, three eventually pardoned, and one died mysteriously in a jail cell from the impact of a dynamite explosion. Needless to say, in 1889, at an international meeting for labor in Paris, May Day was designated as International Workers Day in honor of those who were lost in the fight for an eight hour working day. Although, not really celebrated in the United States anymore, May Day maintains international significance, and is widely a day of celebration and/or protest to continue the fight for better working conditions across the globe.

So, thank you to the brave men and women who stood up for the eight hour working day a century ago.

Happy International Workers Day everyone, may you be fairly compensated for your labor!

The twenty first of April 2019


Happy Easter to all who celebrate. If that is not you, that is ok, I hope that you were able to capitalize on the commercialization of the holiday and enjoy some chocolate. If that is you, I hope you had a lovely day as well.

Did y’all know it was Easter? Good news, summer is just around the corner!

The seventeenth of April 2019


Today, was one of those days. My family and I had been spending some time in a holiday caravan near the Yorkshire Dales National Park and made our way back to our home after a lovely holiday. I had planned two stops on the way back, first to a trout farm, and second to a goat sanctuary to take new and exciting pictures of goats for my blog. I realize, that some of the goats you may have grown familiar with, as my visit to Buttercups Sanctuary for Goats last autumn produced quite a few unique photographs. However, I worry that my material has grown stale and that my followers and supporters are bored. I try to get new photographs whenever I have an opportunity.

Anyway, first, the trout farm was basically a pond where old men (I did not see any young people or women there) fish for trout and was not exciting and given that I was with my five year old, we were encouraged to leave.

Second, we found The Goat Sanctuary, somewhere between Manchester and Liverpool, but sadly it was not open to the public. I did manage to find some goats today, but will save them for tomorrow. As today has been a tad strange, I shall share with you my most favorite photograph from my library of goats. I met this goat in Delhi, India, and was struck by the self-assured glint in its eye, as though it holds some secrets of the universe or special knowledge. I think that even if Google sends this goat astray on its journey, it will continue to smile and saunter along as if that was always their plan. At any rate, today was a lovely spring day and a wonderful opportunity to meander across England.

This is my most favorite goat.

The fourteenth of February 2019


Happy Valentine’s Day to all who celebrate – and if not here are a couple of goats hanging out in Haryana. Every day is a great day to eat chocolate and enjoy the people in your life who matter most. I’m grateful for my partner who took a break from doing science to send me today’s photo ❤️

Snuggling should be on the agenda everyday.

The thirtieth of December 2018


Thinking about the year ahead? Many people find the new year is a great time to make resolutions pertaining to things they are going to do differently than the previous year. Oftentimes, these resolutions focus on self-improvement in one way or another. Goal setting is important and can be helpful, but perhaps consider making a resolution this year to accept and love yourself as is. Maybe you don’t really need that diet, plan or course, maybe you are great just the way you are.


Resolutions are fab, but so are you. 

The twenty ninth of December 2018


Yo, it is the last Saturday of 2018, sit down, relax, have a delicious beverage, and ruminate on the year.


The final weekend of 2018 is an excellent time to relax and reflect.