The sixteenth of September 2019


Last weekend’s harvest moon has really got me thinking about nourishment. As the seasons change, sometimes so do our priorities. The back to school vibe of September is a great time to check in and figure out what best fills you up – nutritionally, emotionally, even spiritually.

Be full of hope and gratitude this fall

The second of September 2019


Sometimes people like to recommend doing one thing each day that scares you. Perhaps instead, do at least one thing each day that fills you with joy.

Focus on joy, eat some ice cream, take a stroll in the sunshine

The first of July 2019


Today is the 182nd day of the year, so we are halfway through! Time really goes by quite quickly sometimes – take some time to reflect on all that you have experienced and accomplished so far this year – and perhaps revisit and reimagine resolutions and goals you set for yourself 182 days ago and make new ones for the next 182 days ahead.

Already halfway to 2020….

The sixth of June 2019


Sometimes you don’t really need an inspirational quote to get you through the day. Sometimes, you just need a big cup of coffee.

Thursdays can be exhausting, but there is hope for the weekend, plus there is always coffee!

The third of June 2019


What are your plans for the week? It is good to have an idea of what you need to get done and hope to accomplish, but it is also good to be flexible and able to say “yes!” to surprise opportunities that might come up throughout the week. Saying yes may just be the start of something incredible!

Flexible planning is a great way to organize your time!

The eleventh of May 2019


If you ever find yourself wondering what the best solution to a problem is, the answer is to do whatever is kindest. You can never go wrong when you choose to be kind.


Kindness is a sustainable form of joy.

The seventeenth of April 2019


Today, was one of those days. My family and I had been spending some time in a holiday caravan near the Yorkshire Dales National Park and made our way back to our home after a lovely holiday. I had planned two stops on the way back, first to a trout farm, and second to a goat sanctuary to take new and exciting pictures of goats for my blog. I realize, that some of the goats you may have grown familiar with, as my visit to Buttercups Sanctuary for Goats last autumn produced quite a few unique photographs. However, I worry that my material has grown stale and that my followers and supporters are bored. I try to get new photographs whenever I have an opportunity.

Anyway, first, the trout farm was basically a pond where old men (I did not see any young people or women there) fish for trout and was not exciting and given that I was with my five year old, we were encouraged to leave.

Second, we found The Goat Sanctuary, somewhere between Manchester and Liverpool, but sadly it was not open to the public. I did manage to find some goats today, but will save them for tomorrow. As today has been a tad strange, I shall share with you my most favorite photograph from my library of goats. I met this goat in Delhi, India, and was struck by the self-assured glint in its eye, as though it holds some secrets of the universe or special knowledge. I think that even if Google sends this goat astray on its journey, it will continue to smile and saunter along as if that was always their plan. At any rate, today was a lovely spring day and a wonderful opportunity to meander across England.

This is my most favorite goat.

The ninth of April 2019


Our lives are full of competition, to the point where sometimes it feels like you simply can’t get away from it. When you lay the groundwork, put in the hours and do your best and you come in second, sometimes that can sting quite a bit. However, do not despair if you come in second, third, or even sixty-fourth in the competition. It may not feel like it in the moment, but the work you put in does count and eventually will lead to wonderful things, just maybe not in snagging the coveted first spot. Today’s entry is dedicated to Hugo, who valiantly represented Cambridge at the Oxford Cambridge Goat Race this past Sunday, and came in second. Maybe your year will be 2020, Hugo, or maybe your victory has yet to manifest, but either way, you were smashing and should be proud.

Hugo is a legend.

The seventh of April 2019


Today was a very exciting day in the UK. A very famous race between two of the world’s most renowned universities, Oxford and Cambridge, takes place every year in the spring time. Each team spends the winter training and gearing up for the big day. Light blue versus regular blue, and there is plenty of pomp and circumstance before the big race and then…one goat representing Cambridge and one representing Oxford run side-by-side and whoever crosses the finish line at Spitalfields City Farm first wins! Last year, it was a very close race, but Hamish the goat representing Oxford gamboled across the finish line first – and this year he held his title! Hugo, the goat representing Cambridge put in a very good effort, but it was not quite enough to beat last year’s champion. The Oxford Cambridge Goat Race is a wonderful Sunday afternoon with plenty of tasty beverages, goat-related puns, and good times. There is even a pre-goat race pig race that is a lot of fun. It is very advisable to book in advance, as it is the best race happening in London this day and is likely to sell out – you wouldn’t want to be stuck with nothing to do on race day!