The fourth of March 2020

goats, pigs

Not only is The Haven Zoo home to a herd of lovely goats, but it has also given a home to a few pigs as well. Meet Logan (left) and Delilah (right), representing half of a foursome of goats that the Haven rescued from an extreme hoarding incident in Kentucky. Authorities found 458 pot-bellied pigs being kept, most malnourished and in a state of distress. Sadly, the farm had been opened with the intention of rescuing the pigs but breeding got way out of hand. Fortunately, the Haven was able to step in and rescue a few pigs who now have a lovely pasture to roam around in rain or shine.

To support the Haven and its efforts to provide animals with a good home, a nutritious diet and access to veterinary care please consider making a donation.

The twenty second of January 2020


I am really happy and excited to share some wonderful news! Our friends at The Haven Zoo have completed construction of the new goat barn! The herd is now safe and sound and happy to be living in their lovely new abode. Another huge thank you to anyone who donated or sponsored a member of the Haven’s menagerie.

The sixteenth of January 2020


I am very happy to report that The Haven Zoo has raised half the money to replace the shelter for the goats and llamas, including a number of generous sponsorships. A massive thank you and well-done if you have donated or sponsored an animal. If you have yet to make a donation to help, don’t worry, there is still time! With the generous funds, The Haven has purchased recycled tin for the roof of the new shelter.

Have you ever noticed those who have that certain swagger? Individuals who are so confident, they seem to glide through life? Check out Freddie and Hutton, two fantastic llamas from the Haven Zoo. Confidence is key, Hutton has classic symmetrical banana-shaped llama ears while Freddie, well who could say no to that grin? Embrace who you are and own it, live your truth and take on the world.

The twenty third of March 2019


Say hello to Vlad, the goat of the day. Vlad has the largest horns of all of the goats at The Haven Zoo. He was named by some of the Haven’s most dedicated supporters Eric & Lori Dessecker. The name Vlad was inspired from the fifteenth century prince of Wallachia (now part of modern Romania), Vlad the III, or sometimes known as Vlad the Impaler. Vlad’s dad was part of the “order of the dragon” which gave them the surname of Dracul.  Vlad III was not a very nice guy, and earned the nickname “Impaler” because he actually impaled his enemies and criminals in public. Centuries later, reading up on some history caught the attention of Bram Stoker who based the title character of his classic Draculawhich has arguably been the inspiration for countless other literary and cinematic adventures featuring spooky bloodthirsty vampires. Fortunately for his friends at the Haven, Vlad the goat is most certainly not a vampire, evidenced by his presence in broad daylight in the photo below.


Vlad the goat enjoys the sunshine!