The sixteenth of October 2019


Find inspiration in movement. A quick walk or letting the blood flow may spark your creativity and be the start of something fantastic.

Get going and get inspired

The fifteenth of October 2019


Every situation you find yourself in can have a positive spin. For example, you might find yourself surrounded by mud after a rainy autumn afternoon. Mud could make a big mess or it could be a fabulous opportunity to squish around.

Hooves or wellies don’t let the rain get you down

The fourteenth of October 2019


When you feel overwhelmed just take a moment and listen to your breath. You breath is always there for you, it nourishes and sustains you and keeps you alive. Taking a moment or two to check in and listen can make all the difference.

Breathing is amazing

The thirteenth of October 2019


I completely forgot to celebrate Goat of the Day’s first birthday, which occurred on October 1st. I am a bit stunned that I have managed to carry on posting my goat photographs everyday for now over a year! The majority of these goats I have had the pleasure of meeting and photographing in person, with a few exceptions of when friends have met and photographed goats and sent them along, and a few famous goat portraits that float around the internet.

This feat would not have been possible without my friends who think of me when they see goats, nor would it have been possible without my partner who has patiently driven me to places where goats reside, or accompanied me to events where we will happen upon goats and who supports my daily habit. Also, this blog would not be possible without my mother who generously gave me my camera that has been hard at work photographing goats since the summer of 2019. I am also grateful to all of those people who read this blog, for whatever reason, who like the posts and give me a follow. I hope to continue to provide pictures of goats with good vibes for at least a while longer. To that end, I revisited one of my most favourite places in all of the England, Buttercups Sanctuary for Goats. I urge you if you ever find yourself in southern England to spend an afternoon among the friendly goats in their caprine utopia.

Many, many thanks to Buttercups for keeping these amazing creatures and allowing the public to enjoy

The ninth of October 2019


All of your struggles are simply growing pains, shaping you and making you stronger and better equipped for what lies ahead.

Keep pressing on, without struggle there is no victory.