The ninth of January 2020


Although I often urge people to be kind, there are some unfortunate occasions where you simply cannot be responsible for someone else’s feelings. Be kind, but also remember that the only emotions you are responsible for are your own.

The third of January 2020


If you made a resolution that you have found difficult to keep be patient- changing habits take time. Shift your focus to long term success and don’t worry about being absolute and strict. Achieving goals comes from persistence over time, not perfection.

The twenty first of December 2019


Today is the winter solstice, the shortest day of the year in the northern hemisphere. In fact, if you live above the Arctic Circle, there will be an entire twenty four hour period of endless night! For some spiritual beliefs, today marks the beginning of the Yule, and in some ancient traditions the solstice represents the birth of the sun from the Moon goddess. Perhaps many of these traditions were absorbed by later Christian groups that invaded Northern Europe. For many, this is day is a wonderful day to turn your attention inward, take stock of things, let go of what no longer serves you and prepare for the transformation to the new year. If you are reading from the northern hemisphere, don’t worry, beginning tomorrow there will be a few more moments of sunlight everyday for about six months.

Today we descend into winter, but don’t worry, wonderful things are on their way.

The twentieth of December 2019


There are only TEN DAYS left in the entire decade? Can you believe that? Where did the time go? Think about where you were ten years ago and take in all your accomplishments and leave the rest – enjoy the last ten days of the last ten years!

In ten days, 1980 will be forty years ago.

The fifteenth of December 2019


There are only ten more shopping days left until Christmas! But guess what? You actually don’t have to get it all done – the holidays will go on smoothly and wonderfully even if a few things get forgotten or left off your ever growing to do list. Be kind to yourself, patient and allow yourself to slow down and enjoy.