The twenty third of January 2020


Have you noticed that you might be feeling a bit down this week? Well, don’t worry, that’s actually totally normal due to the lack of sunlight due to shorter days, longer nights and generally grey weather that blocks out the sun. Although “Blue Monday” was a clever marketing scheme, Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) is a real condition that effects many people during this time of year. It’s ok to feel lethargic and irritable – your body just might be craving more serotonin that your brain isn’t producing as much due to the lack of sun. If you do feel down, and notice that you typically feel down this time of year, take comfort in the fact you are not alone. Mental health professionals can help you cope with the winter through light therapy, talk therapy and other treatments. I find it helps to stay productive and try to get some movement in everyday.

The tenth of March 2019


Only ten more days until the official start of spring. Early spring can be a really hopeful time of year, so many things may come to fruition, the promise of warmer weather and related adventures. It is also a great time to reflect on your goals from the beginning of the year, reassess, and maybe set new ones.


Are you looking forward to spring?

The fourteenth of February 2019


Happy Valentine’s Day to all who celebrate – and if not here are a couple of goats hanging out in Haryana. Every day is a great day to eat chocolate and enjoy the people in your life who matter most. I’m grateful for my partner who took a break from doing science to send me today’s photo ❤️

Snuggling should be on the agenda everyday.

The eighth of February 2019


When the world seems hostile or indifferent, the best thing you can possibly do is simply keep moving. Things will get better, the wind and the storm will pass, so will today’s struggle. By this time next year, it may not even matter or be a distant memory. You never know, the trouble you experience today might make for golden memories tomorrow.


Sometimes the best way to weather what life throws at you is to keep moving.

The second of February 2019


Lack of sunlight, winter coughs and polar vortexes make it very tempting to spend February hiding indoors, but I promise you, those brief moments of fresh air and chilly sunshine are totally worth it. Get out there, even if only for a little bit!


Don’t hide until spring, winter has its magic too.

The twenty eighth of January 2019


It is super cold in many parts of the world right now. I highly recommend investing in some outerwear to keep you feeling cosy and looking fabulous. Unfortunately, humans do not grow luxurious coats on their own, like some goats do.


Looking fab helps keep me cheery during the dreary winter months!

The twenty third of January 2019


We are entering the depths of winter, when the temperature drops and the snow may fall. It is tempting to retreat inward and hibernate, but neither goats nor humans are solitary creatures. Take care of yourself, but brave the weather, there may be a delicious hot beverage out there somewhere to share with a friend!


Venture out into the cold, you never know what wonderful adventures you might find!

The tenth of January 2019


There is something about the cold, damp days of January and February that always makes me want to hibernate. However, everyday the sun rises a smidgen earlier and sets a smidgen later. There is always something to look forward to, even if it’s an extra few moments of sunshine.


Get yourself up and out even if it’s cold!

The twenty-first of December 2018


The steady march towards winter can feel…a bit dark. Today marks the official first day of winter with the winter solstice, the shortest day of the year. Where I am writing, there will be less than eight hours of sunshine today. Many cultures choose to celebrate the shortest day of the year, perhaps because starting tomorrow the days will gradually get longer and longer as the Earth’s axis rotates towards, instead of away from, the sun. In ancient times, this time of year was celebrated for the Egyptian god Osiris, Apollo and Sol Invictus, all deities with links to the sun. The Yule Log may be a delicious chocolate cake now, but thousands of years ago it was a part of the Juul festival of northern Europe and Scandinavia, where families would cut down a large tree and light it on fire for twelve days to bring good harvest and fertility for the new year in part of worship to the god Odin. In fact, some retellings of Norse mythology even have Odin delivering gifts and sweets to children during this time, centuries before Santa Claus and his reindeer. At any rate, if you are anything like me, and perhaps goats, you long for the sunshine. In that case, today is a day of hope as every day for the next six months, there will be a smidgen more sunshine to enjoy.


Don’t worry, more sunshine is on its way!