The twenty seventh of January 2020


Don’t worry, Mondays aren’t so bad. After a relaxing weekend getting back to the grind can be tough, but the sooner you hit that weekly to-do list the sooner the next weekend will come. For today’s goat, The Haven Zoo sent over a little video of Angela voicing her opinions and grumpy mood.

The twenty first of October 2019


Some days it might seem that all of your plans go awry. Save your energy and avoid the temptation to get upset and accept that some things are just out of your control. Enjoy the chaos and start over tomorrow.

When the waves get choppy hold on an enjoy the ride

The thirtieth of September 2019


Autumn is such a hopeful time. Keep your chin up and your shoulders back – you’ve made it this far, and that’s amazing!

Keep a pep in your step – you’re on quite the adventure!

The sixteenth of September 2019


Last weekend’s harvest moon has really got me thinking about nourishment. As the seasons change, sometimes so do our priorities. The back to school vibe of September is a great time to check in and figure out what best fills you up – nutritionally, emotionally, even spiritually.

Be full of hope and gratitude this fall

The tenth of June 2019


It is never too late to try something new or embark on a new adventure. Mondays are a great time to put your new ideas in motion.

The only thing in your way is you – go for it!

The third of June 2019


What are your plans for the week? It is good to have an idea of what you need to get done and hope to accomplish, but it is also good to be flexible and able to say “yes!” to surprise opportunities that might come up throughout the week. Saying yes may just be the start of something incredible!

Flexible planning is a great way to organize your time!

The twenty ninth of April 2019


Better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to speak and to remove all doubt

Wise words, I guess. The above quote is often attributed to Mark Twain or Abraham Lincoln, but the truth is that no one really knows. Such “wise” statements are often attributed to a many different people including they are just cliches that get constantly repeated Perhaps instead of invoking the words of people long gone (not discounting their achievements and importance in history of course) we should make our own quotes and define our own wisdom!

No need to quote past historic figures, don’t be afraid to share your own truth!

The eleventh of March 2019


Another Monday rolls around, another opportunity to have an awesome week! There are a lot of memes and moaning about Mondays, but I say, at least for this Monday, think of it as Marvelous Monday for moving monuments!


Have a great start to your week!

The twenty eighth of January 2019


It is super cold in many parts of the world right now. I highly recommend investing in some outerwear to keep you feeling cosy and looking fabulous. Unfortunately, humans do not grow luxurious coats on their own, like some goats do.


Looking fab helps keep me cheery during the dreary winter months!