The eighteenth of February 2020


I am glad to be alive and experiencing the world in 2020 for many reasons, but one is that we live in a time when we have the entire internet at our fingertips – an internet full of silliness and memes. When a moment of boredom or dreariness sets in, you can just have a look and find something hilarious to brighten up the day.

The eleventh of March 2019


Another Monday rolls around, another opportunity to have an awesome week! There are a lot of memes and moaning about Mondays, but I say, at least for this Monday, think of it as Marvelous Monday for moving monuments!


Have a great start to your week!

The twenty seventh of January 2019


Benjamin Franklin certainly made a lot of inspirational quotes, I think he would have probably really enjoyed crafting some clever memes if he were alive today. He is credited with saying that “in this world nothing can be certain, except death and taxes;” however, he may have been paraphrasing Daniel Dafoe (relation to Willem Dafoe, unknown). Obviously, Franklin was speaking from a certain gendered, upper class, eighteenth-century cultural milieu.¬†Perhaps this centuries old adage should be updated to include laundry. Nothing is certain in the world except for death, taxes and laundry.


Clean clothes are a great way to start a new week.