The twenty fourth of March 2020


I hope if you are reading this now that you are safe and well and able to have everything you need to get through the next few weeks or months. Lockdown, quarantine or isolation can be pretty dreary, but luckily we live in times when we are all able to stay connected. Take care, friends and keep washing your hands.

The eighteenth of February 2020


I am glad to be alive and experiencing the world in 2020 for many reasons, but one is that we live in a time when we have the entire internet at our fingertips – an internet full of silliness and memes. When a moment of boredom or dreariness sets in, you can just have a look and find something hilarious to brighten up the day.

The twenty ninth of October 2019


Are you on a quest to find your best angle? Don’t worry, you are amazing from any perspective, filtered or unfiltered.

A picture is always worth at least a thousand words

The sixth of July 2019


Two years ago, I was spending some time on the internet (to be honest, as I do everyday). I came across the most magnificent collection of portraits photographs by Kevin Horan, published in the Guardian. This was before the Goat of the Day blog, perhaps even before I thought about specializing in goat photography and understanding the connection between positive vibes and goats. I was totally inspired, and many people have shared these photographs with me since. One of the best parts about starting Goat of the Day is that people share the goats they come across in their lives or on the internet with me. So, today’s goat of the day comes courtesy of Kevin Horan and the Guardian. I hope that you all find inspiration somewhere this weekend.

Meet Lily, the goat of the day. Maybe one day, I will be so lucky as to take goat portraits in such a setting.

The twenty sixth of June 2019


Think of all the things that we have discovered in the past decade. We (as in human society) sent a craft to photograph the planet Pluto. We discovered earth-like planets orbiting a nearby dwarf star. There are so many applications that make our lives easier and put the world at our fingertips. We essentially live with pocket computers. We have made incredible advancements in gene therapy and made strides to understand the effect that gut bacteria has on our overall health. Just imagine what more there is to discover and what amazing things the future will bring.

Always stay curious.

The twenty fifth of June 2019


Whoops, I forgot to hit “Publish” on yesterday’s post! I am quite sorry, things have been a little crazy here lately. You may have noticed that my posts are a bit shorter and less detailed – I have been quite busy lately starting some new endeavors, and my mind has been a bit scattered. However, never fear, I still have loads of goat photographs to share and plan to continue seeking out new goats to share.


Not to worry, the goats will go on!

The twenty first of June 2019


Today is the longest day of the entire year, if you live in the northern hemisphere. Because the planet Earth (the one we live on) rotates around the sun on a tilted axis, certain parts of the planet get more or less sun depending on the time of year. Basically, billions of years ago, when our solar system was being formed, tons of bits of mass collided together to form mini planets, which then collided together to form proto-planets, which eventually became most of what our planet is now. Then, another pro-planet collided with the prelude to Earth and put us on our lovely little tilt which is reasonable for the seasons. Amazing! And the seasons are a big part of why life was able to flourish on our planet. Incredible how things tend to all fall into place like that!

Completely fantastic how millions of collisions resulted in a planet with goats. Amazing.

The ninth of June 2019


I hope that if you are reading this that you had a lovely, fun-filled Sunday. I was lucky enough to spend some time with some goats at a local town and country fair. I am grateful that you are still with me, after over six months of daily goats, and appreciate your patience when you may see a goat on multiple occasions. I truly do my best to maintain all original material and goats that I have personally met, or goats that my friends have personally met. Here is an adorable baby goat to give you inspiration for the week ahead.

What is not to love about a baby goat and those big floppy ears.

The thirty first of May 2019


When you travel by air, before the flight takes off, there are always safety instructions in the event of a loss of cabin pressure. Part of those instructions are ensuring that your oxygen mask is securely fastened before assisting others. I hope that you never experience a loss of cabin pressure where you have to use the oxygen mask; however, the same wisdom can be applied to our everyday lives. Before we can truly help others, we must ensure that our own needs are met. Take time to make sure that you are adequately nourished, inside and out, so you can be there for someone else.


Self care is never selfish.

The sixteenth of May 2019


Sometimes, the best strategy is to detach yourself from the gratification of achievement, but focus on the benefits of the work itself. If you focus too much on the end result, you might miss something amazing along the way.


It is ok if it takes awhile to complete a goal – enjoy the adventure!