The seventh of April 2020


Social distancing, lockdowns and quarantines are difficult for all. To stay connected, perhaps hold onto hope and find solidarity amongst people across the globe, a Facebook group has emerged called View From My Window. The rules are simple – you post where you are in the world and the view from your window – as we are all must stay inside as much as possible. People from all over the world have posted lovely pictures, but yesterday someone posted one and has kindly given me permission to use it here.

I am pleased to introduce you to Zippy from Killiechronan, Isle of Mull, Scotland and his brother George. Their human friend, Jean O’Donnell shared the first photo and sent along a few others to share.

The twenty ninth of October 2019


Are you on a quest to find your best angle? Don’t worry, you are amazing from any perspective, filtered or unfiltered.

A picture is always worth at least a thousand words

The thirteenth of October 2019


I completely forgot to celebrate Goat of the Day’s first birthday, which occurred on October 1st. I am a bit stunned that I have managed to carry on posting my goat photographs everyday for now over a year! The majority of these goats I have had the pleasure of meeting and photographing in person, with a few exceptions of when friends have met and photographed goats and sent them along, and a few famous goat portraits that float around the internet.

This feat would not have been possible without my friends who think of me when they see goats, nor would it have been possible without my partner who has patiently driven me to places where goats reside, or accompanied me to events where we will happen upon goats and who supports my daily habit. Also, this blog would not be possible without my mother who generously gave me my camera that has been hard at work photographing goats since the summer of 2019. I am also grateful to all of those people who read this blog, for whatever reason, who like the posts and give me a follow. I hope to continue to provide pictures of goats with good vibes for at least a while longer. To that end, I revisited one of my most favourite places in all of the England, Buttercups Sanctuary for Goats. I urge you if you ever find yourself in southern England to spend an afternoon among the friendly goats in their caprine utopia.

Many, many thanks to Buttercups for keeping these amazing creatures and allowing the public to enjoy

The sixth of July 2019


Two years ago, I was spending some time on the internet (to be honest, as I do everyday). I came across the most magnificent collection of portraits photographs by Kevin Horan, published in the Guardian. This was before the Goat of the Day blog, perhaps even before I thought about specializing in goat photography and understanding the connection between positive vibes and goats. I was totally inspired, and many people have shared these photographs with me since. One of the best parts about starting Goat of the Day is that people share the goats they come across in their lives or on the internet with me. So, today’s goat of the day comes courtesy of Kevin Horan and the Guardian. I hope that you all find inspiration somewhere this weekend.

Meet Lily, the goat of the day. Maybe one day, I will be so lucky as to take goat portraits in such a setting.

The fourteenth of May 2019


One of the best things about the Goat of the Day blog is the friendly reminders that even in our fast-paced, technological-social-media-driven world, people are still keeping tabs on you. I was an early adopter of Facebook way back in 2005 and can say with confidence that I have personally met all 615 people who are my friends. Sometimes, friends that I have known ages ago who I otherwise would have lost complete contact with, send me messages with personal goat photographs. Today’s goats are one such picture, from a high school friend of mine, Tiffany. Tiffany was super cool and liked vampires and drove a Saab. She joined the army and we lost touch, but thanks to Facebook we’re able to keep tabs. Thanks Tiffany, for sending me a picture of two fabulous angora goats from Deanna Rose Farmstead in Overland Park, Kansas.

What a time to be alive!

The eighth of December 2018


Today is the first day I have updated Goat of the Day from my iPhone! Screens get a lot of criticism, including contributing to insomnia, anxiety, depression, ruining our relationships, making us terrible parents and generally slow down our brains. However, I think that the smart phone revolution has a lot of benefits for humanity. For example, it makes it a lot easier to keep tabs on old friends you may have otherwise lost contact with. My family relies heavily on calendars in order to stay organized and a lot of notes and journaling that would have required lugging around a bunch of things is eliminated – I can keep it all tucked away in my pocket! I also love being able to quickly share photographs – when I was a kid if I wanted to share photographs you would have to get the film developed and pay for prints – now with a few clicks I can send photos across the Atlantic and basically no cost as things happen. I wonder, if in a few decades the weariness over such devices will have faded the same way suspicion over other new technologies in the past.

The twentieth of November 2018


Many of us enjoy sharing various bits and pieces of our daily lives to the world on social media. Apps such as Instagram and Facebook make it easy to feel like you’re connected to friends a world away. However, sometimes with this amazing ability to share your life with others, there is pressure to only share the very best parts! Just remember, when you see someone living it up and feeling fantastic, those posts are carefully chosen to showcase the best. Don’t let a bit of bad lighting get you down – you do you, you share you, and let them be them.


Perhaps one day I will take a photography course.