The seventh of July 2019


If you are confused about how to answer this week, try just saying yes and see what happens. You never know, it might end up being an amazing experience!

Just say yes this week, it might be amazing!

The fourteenth of June 2019


It is Friday after a busy week, so here is a blurry four day old baby Nigerian Dwarf goat to get your weekend started.

I hope that your weekend is full of many wonderful shenanigans!

The third of June 2019


What are your plans for the week? It is good to have an idea of what you need to get done and hope to accomplish, but it is also good to be flexible and able to say “yes!” to surprise opportunities that might come up throughout the week. Saying yes may just be the start of something incredible!

Flexible planning is a great way to organize your time!

The sixteenth of April 2019


It can be a real bummer, but the most sensible course of action is to always conduct a risk assessment to ensure for optimal health and safety. Taking the time to set out an orange cone or two might make the difference between a mishap and a near-miss.

There is nothing cheeky about health and safety!

The thirteenth of April 2019


It is frustrating sometimes when you are looking for something and your comrade does not take it very seriously. Sometimes, when my comrades are looking for things, I like to cheekily say, “it’s always in the last place you look!” Although this is a silly and unhelpful thing to say, it is also true.

Whatever you are looking for is actually in the last place you look!

The seventh of April 2019


Today was a very exciting day in the UK. A very famous race between two of the world’s most renowned universities, Oxford and Cambridge, takes place every year in the spring time. Each team spends the winter training and gearing up for the big day. Light blue versus regular blue, and there is plenty of pomp and circumstance before the big race and then…one goat representing Cambridge and one representing Oxford run side-by-side and whoever crosses the finish line at Spitalfields City Farm first wins! Last year, it was a very close race, but Hamish the goat representing Oxford gamboled across the finish line first – and this year he held his title! Hugo, the goat representing Cambridge put in a very good effort, but it was not quite enough to beat last year’s champion. The Oxford Cambridge Goat Race is a wonderful Sunday afternoon with plenty of tasty beverages, goat-related puns, and good times. There is even a pre-goat race pig race that is a lot of fun. It is very advisable to book in advance, as it is the best race happening in London this day and is likely to sell out – you wouldn’t want to be stuck with nothing to do on race day!

The twenty fourth of March 2019


What’s in a name? Today’s goat of the day from The Haven Zoo is named Jim, after the fictional character James “Jim” Halpert from the US comedy program The Office. The character Jim was known for playing loads of pranks on his boss, Michael and his co-worker, Dwight. Thus, Jim is a perfect namesake for a goat, as mischief is a big part of the whole goat experience. I hope that you all were able to enjoy some mischief this weekend and that you can find joy, even if you have to work a mundane job in a paper factory. Check out how you can support Jim and his friends at The Haven Zoo!


“…From time to time, I send Dwight faxes… from himself… from the future” – Jim Halpert describing his interactions with his co-worker, Dwight.

The sixteenth of February 2019


The look in this goat’s eye tells me that the rope around his neck tied to a log, accompanied by bells, will be useless when he or she decides it is time to blow this pop-stand. I hope that whatever you find yourself tied to that the escape is easy when it is time for you to move on or have some weekend shenanigans.


Your borders are no match for a free spirit. 

The twelfth of December 2018


Making mischief, embarking on adventures and general shenanigans are often more fun with a friend. Like humans, goats are social creatures and generally enjoy the company of other goats. I hope that you get to spend some time with your partner(s) in crime during the festive season, fun times are meant to be shared.


The thirty first of October: Halloween 2018


Happy Halloween! I hope that you all have some lovely tricks, treats and shenanigans and enjoy!


I have yet to photograph a goat in a costume; however, this one seems to be plotting some mischief.