The fourteenth of June 2019


It is Friday after a busy week, so here is a blurry four day old baby Nigerian Dwarf goat to get your weekend started.

I hope that your weekend is full of many wonderful shenanigans!

The twenty fifth of January 2019


Have you ever felt like a weirdo? As though you are a square peg trying to fit in a round hole? Perhaps, the qualities about you that may make you weird, peculiar, or different are actually the very things that make you awesome, and may even be your greatest strengths.


Celebrate you for you, because you’re awesome!

The eleventh of January 2019


Perhaps not so long ago, there was a longstanding belief in fairies. Fairies were small, sometimes kind or sometimes mischievous beings with magical powers that sometimes offered assistance to humans. In Welsh folklore, a particular family of fairies, the Tylwyth Tag, were known to comb the beards of goats on Fridays to prepare them for Sundays. It is certainly unsurprising that creatures known for mischief would be associated with goats, and perhaps this is a cute way to explain why most goat beards appear to be so silky and straight, as though fresh from the fairy salon.


What a fantastic beard.