The fourteenth of March 2020


There is so much information out there about how to handle current events. The best advice is of course, stay calm and wash your hands. Washing your hands protects you, your loved ones and your community and is generally just a good idea. Even in normal circumstances, hand washing is important to prevent the spread of disease and to stay healthy – and to help keep your loved ones who may have compromised immune systems healthy.

The twelfth of July 2019


Earlier this year, the twelfth of February to be precise, I reported that a friend of mine in San Francisco worked in an office that employed a herd of goats to do some landscaping around that building. Indeed, goats can digest all sorts of plants that are poisonous and quite a nuisance to humans. In fact, the digestive and grazing abilities of goats are now being employed to fight wild fires in California. With increasing wild fires brought on by the climate crisis, herds of goats are increasingly being called upon to clear out brush and areas at high risk of fires. Using goats in this way is totally green, as herbicides can be detrimental to the environment, and mowing equipment uses fossil fuels and creates air and noise pollution. Additionally, goat herds are low risk and more economical – in Laguna City, California where goats have been clearing brush for nearly twenty years a safety report estimates that a man-powered clearing crew costs $28,000 per acre while a herd of goats costs only $500. Goats may not be able to solve all of our problems, or the climate crisis, but every effort definitely helps!

From empathy to environmentalism – aren’t goats amazing?

The sixteenth of April 2019


It can be a real bummer, but the most sensible course of action is to always conduct a risk assessment to ensure for optimal health and safety. Taking the time to set out an orange cone or two might make the difference between a mishap and a near-miss.

There is nothing cheeky about health and safety!

The twenty fifth of March 2019


Incase you missed it, yesterday’s goat from The Haven Zoo was named after the character Jim from the US version of the comedy program The Office. Continuing on that theme, today’s goat is named after Dwight Kurt Schrute III, who was often the target of Jim’s pranks. In addition to being pranked repeatedly by Jim, Dwight also served as the “Assistant to the Regional Manager” role as part of his duties as a paper salesperson, health and safety enthusiast, volunteer sheriff’s deputy, and managed his family’s beet farm. Beets are nutrient dense, a great addition to salads, and actually in season right now! Perhaps consider trying out a new beet recipe, supporting the Haven Zoo, and then having a mini-binge of some hilarious Office episodes?


I bet Dwight the Goat enjoys beets as well.