The twenty fourth of January 2019


Say what you will about nurses, garbage collectors, or mechanics it’s obvious that were they to vanish in a puff of smoke, the results would be immediate and catastrophic. A world without teachers or dockworkers would soon be in trouble, and even one without science-fiction writers or ska musicians would clearly be a lesser place. – David Graeber


The world is a better place because of you. 

The thirtieth of December 2018


Thinking about the year ahead? Many people find the new year is a great time to make resolutions pertaining to things they are going to do differently than the previous year. Oftentimes, these resolutions focus on self-improvement in one way or another. Goal setting is important and can be helpful, but perhaps consider making a resolution this year to accept and love yourself as is. Maybe you don’t really need that diet, plan or course, maybe you are great just the way you are.


Resolutions are fab, but so are you. 

The thirteenth of December 2018


Fun fact, if you save something until the last minute, it only takes a minute to do! Also fun fact, if you live in the UK and plan on sending things to the US tomorrow in hopes of them arriving before Christmas, tomorrow is the last day to do so! The holidays can get quite hectic, but don’t worry loyal goat enthusiasts, I did not forget.


Better late than never!

The tenth of December 2018


Mondays can be really stressful. Sometimes, you may not feel totally refreshed or motivated to get back to work after the weekend.  Any task that is worth doing is likely to be challenging in some way or another. When you feel like your motivation is sapped, remember that even a few steps forward is progress. Keep moving and chipping away, it doesn’t all have to get done today.


Don’t overthink it, just keep going.