The sixth of August 2019


Thank you to my lovely friend Helen for suggesting a visit to Wimpole Estate to photograph some goats. Wimpole is home to a herd of Bagot goats, a breed known for its distinctive black and white colour. The origin of the breed is not known, but they have resided in England since at least the 1300s. They are intrepid conservationists and often employed to graze upon historical sites to maintain surrounding landscapes.

As close as I could get to the beautiful bagot goats at Wimpole

The twentieth of April 2019


Sometime you stay up too late and nearly forget to update your daily goat blog! Enjoy these Pygmy goats from the Pear Tree Farm Shop in Cheshire, UK.

Two goats are better than one!

Boxing Day 2018


Now that Christmas is over, enjoy some time to relax. It is Boxing Day in the UK and its Commonwealth countries. Boxing Day may have originated during the Middle Ages when people would collect charity for the poor in the form of alms boxes that would be opened every 26 of December in honor of Saint Stephen. An alternative origin claims that Boxing Day originated from aristocrats boxing up their leftovers to give to their staff as a holiday bonus the day after their own Christmas celebrations. Boxing Day has been a day off from the beginning of bank holidays in 1871. Although its original meaning has faded into the late-twentieth century post-Christmas shopping frenzy, people all over enjoy a day off. I hope that you had a lovely day off, snagged a deal, or enjoyed some delicious leftovers with loved ones.


In the UK and its Commonwealths, Boxing Day is a celebrated day off after Christmas.