The sixth of May 2019


First, thank you to Niki one of GOTD’s Twitter followers for pointing out that yesterday I did not post a picture of a goat, rather a sheep.

Second, I came upon a small flock of sheep this weekend while I was in Denmark with some friends. I am very fortunate that when I became a mother that many amazing women came into my life – the mothers of my son’s friends. There are many internet postings about random things that happen to you after giving birth, but perhaps one of the most amazing things is the people that come into your life because of your child and new status as a parent. Many of these women I would have never had the opportunity to meet had it not been for my son.

One of my mom pals organised a weekend for eight of us to get away and another one had a family summer home near Vejby. It was amazing, relaxing and we all had a wonderful time. These friends are so considerate that while driving to and from various parts of the beautiful green coastal plains, we suddenly stopped and lo and behold, there were some four legged friends with horizontal pupils. Of course, I was quite excited. We wandered around a property and were sadly unable to make contact with the owner. Their neighbor said they were goats, but I think Niki is correct that in fact, the friendly creatures my group happened upon are actually sheep.

Needless to say, I am really grateful for the entire experience, and although I am a few days early, I am dedicated Goat of the Day this week to moms everywhere.

Caring for your flock is better with reinforcements from neighboring flocks!