The fifth of November 2018


One of the most distinctive features of a goat are their horizontal, rectangular pupils. The shape of the goat pupils allows them exceptional peripheral vision, approximately 320 degrees, very helpful for detecting predators. Some have theorized that pupil shape and size is related to whether or not a creature is predator or prey. For example, cats have vertical shaped pupils while sheep and goats have horizontal ones. Humans have round pupils, perhaps because other attributes of ours help us avoid prey and/or because humans can be predators. Goats can also see quite well in the night, and can even rotate their eyes over fifty degrees perhaps to keep an eye out for hunters when they are grazing! That is pretty amazing. Excellent peripheral vision, good night vision, and the ability to rotate the eyes to a high degree must give our caprine friends and interesting perspective on the world. Some say goat eyes are creepy; however, I think they are just totally fascinating. It’s good to have an expanded perspective, whether it is from the actual geometry of your pupils to keeping an open mind.


Expand your perspective.