The second of April 2020


Sometimes you just need to seize the opportunity and find some joy in the world. That is what a herd of mountain goats in Wales did a few days ago. Although humans across the UK are in lockdown, the Prime Minister did not extend the new rules to combat the spread of SARS-COV-2 to goats. Thus, the gang of goats saw their opportunity to descend upon the town of Llandudno. Locals (who I assume were following social distancing protocols and noticed the goats on essential errands or the one hour of outside exercise time per day) found the goats roaming the streets and hanging out as though they were meant to be there all along. And perhaps they were.

I would most of all like to thank the many people who shared this amazing story with me over the past few days. This story brought me great joy, as does the fact that people reach out with goat related shenanigans. Please note that I did not take any of these photographs.