The twenty-first of November 2018


Aren’t the horns on this goat beautiful? Contrary to popular belief, both male and female goats can have horns. Horns are bony protrusions stemming from the head of goats and other hoofed creatures that are covered in keratin, much like human hair and nails. Goats use their horns in a variety of creative ways, including to fend off potential predators, to communicate with one another and establish dominance in a group, to trim the bark off of trees for food, and even to attract sexual partners. There is a process called disbudding, in which the goats horns are removed shortly after birth, assumably to prevent potential problems like getting stuck in a fence or having a scuffle; however, there is a lot of debate over whether this practice is harmful or beneficial to goats. Sadly, I do not own any goats and by no means am a goat expert, so I really can’t weigh in; however, in general, I think goat horns are pretty amazing.


 If I had a pair of horns like that, I would show them off too.