The ninth of February 2020


Be careful out there, it’s a full moon tonight! It is a common held belief that all sorts of crazy things happen during the full moon. However, don’t be too worried as a American National Institute of Health study showed there was little difference in the number of emergency room visits on full moon nights and any other night.

The nineteenth of April 2019


Make sure you get a chance to look outside this evening because there is a fantastic full moon known as the Pink Moon. The Pink Moon will not actually appear pink, but was rather named for wild ground phlox which typically sprouts during this time of year. Often, you might hear different full moons called different things, such as a Wolf Moon or a Harvest Moon, and many of these names can be attributed to Algonquin people who inhabited eastern North America before the European invasion. Pink or not, it is a beautiful sight to see!

The pink moon is said to be a sign of spring.