The fifteenth of January 2019


Two years before I knew I would actually be living in Cambridge, U.K., I discovered something amazing on the internet: The Oxford-Cambridge Goat Race. During this time, I was not involved in photographing goats, making inspirational internet posts, or the wide world of information on our caprine friends. However, I was fascinated by the concept of a goat race, and immediately placed the Oxford-Cambridge Goat Race on my life’s bucket list. One day in the early springtime at Spitalfields City Farm in London, one goat representing Oxford and one goat representing Cambridge race. The event includes live music – including mariachi bands, some delicious foods, and loads of goats. I was lucky enough to attend this event in 2017 and 2018, where I met Bramble.

Bramble was a Golden Guernsey Goat, a rare breed goat known for its golden goat, with moderate milk yield good for cheese and yoghurt production. The Spitalfields Facebook page described Bramble as a “matriarch of the herd” and was well known for her strong spirit. Sadly, Bramble passed away earlier this week. I looked through my archive and found this photograph of her from 2017, running the yard, prepping her farmyard friends for the big race day. Rest in peace, Bramble. If you are keen, you can donate to Spitalfields City Farm on their Facebook page.

screen shot 2019-01-15 at 9.08.29 pm

Goodbye to a caprine friend ❤

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