The twelfth of May 2019


One day, someone made a series of decisions to bring you into the world. A world that is full of chaos, challenge and unspeakable difficulties. But someone decided that it would be worth it to give it a go and bring you, yes you, into this world. Along the way, there were many sacrifices and unknown mountains to climb. First they gave you part of their body and carried you, and then risking life and limb, they birthed you into the world. Then, in your most vulnerable state, that person cared for you. They fed you, clothed you, socialized you, read you loads of storybooks repeatedly, made sure you had the right toys at the right stages of your development, and poured over information about how to ensure that you would grow up to be the best possible you. You weren’t always grateful and it certainly was not always easy, but here you are.

If you are lucky enough to still have that someone in your life, make sure to call them up and say Happy Mother’s Day.

Thank you to all the moms, their hard work and unspoken sacrifices

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