The twentieth of March 2019


Today is one of my favorite days of the entire year – the Vernal Equinox, when the sun stands over the equator and the night and day are equal in length. Most importantly, due to the location of the sun, this marks the beginning of spring and the end of winter. From this day onward, there will be more sunlight than night until the sunlight begins to descend back southward at the beginning of summer in late June. I hope that wherever you are, you enjoyed some sunshine today.

Today, I am introducing a friend of the goats from The Haven Zoo, a donkey named Rocky. Goats are not often discriminatory of the friends they chose on the basis of species, as goats have notably been friends with tigers, dogs, giraffes, cats and horses. In addition to being friends, donkeys are often kept on farms to protect smaller animals from predators like coyotes and wild dogs. Check out how to support Rocky and his friends at the Haven!


Rocky and the herd enjoying some sunshine

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