The twentieth of November 2018


Many of us enjoy sharing various bits and pieces of our daily lives to the world on social media. Apps such as Instagram and Facebook make it easy to feel like you’re connected to friends a world away. However, sometimes with this amazing ability to share your life with others, there is pressure to only share the very best parts! Just remember, when you see someone living it up and feeling fantastic, those posts are carefully chosen to showcase the best. Don’t let a bit of bad lighting get you down – you do you, you share you, and let them be them.


Perhaps one day I will take a photography course. 

The nineteenth of November 2018


Miniature goat breeds include pygmy, Nigerian dwarf and pygora. These goats have been bred to be smaller than other goat breeds and as such are a popular choice for urban farms and homesteads as well as for pets. They are typically quite friendly and require less space than other goat breeds. They are social creatures, so it is recommended that you get at least two.


Great things can come in small packages.

The eighteenth of November 2018


It is easy to skim things over sometimes or try to finish tasks and obligations quickly. Take a closer look, you might have missed an important detail or realize something new about something that may seem ordinary and everyday.

NOv 18 2018.JPG

Details, details, details.

The seventeenth of November 2018


One of the many reasons why I find goats to be such inspiring creatures is that they always appear to be thinking about something. What do goats think about? Do they think about the welfare of other goats? Do they think about climate change? Do they think about geopolitical mishaps and troublesome election results? Do they concern themselves with human affairs at all? Is there some kind of caprine realpolitik that they are all carrying out; or rather, a moral ethical code each goat is compelled to fulfill? Are they just contemplating which plant is would be the delicious? Are they plotting an eventual global goat liberation moment where they will collectively free themselves of their pens and fences and break free from human bondage? It is unlikely that humans will ever discover the answer to these and other questions about goat thought and goat behavior.


What are you thinking about, sir?

The sixteenth of November 2018


Most (not all) of the goats I have shared on this blog, so far, have been goats I have actually met. I met this goat about a month ago at Buttercups Sanctuary for Goats. She (I think, I did not go to great lengths to confirm, and as gender is a human social construct, I think goats are beyond that sort of thing) had the most luxurious, softest coat. Clearly, she was well aware that she was one fabulous looking goat and trotted across the grass with amazing confidence. The weekend is a great time to break out and do things that make you feel fabulous, whether it’s going out dancing, strutting across the greens or pampering yourself with the comforts of home on a staycation.


A confident caprine at Buttercups Sanctuary for Goats

The fifteenth of November 2018


Sometimes, the best response to stressful uncertainty is to just let the universe take its course. It is no use worrying or being anxious about things that are outside of your control.


Sometimes, there is nothing you can do but enjoy the sunshine.

The fourteenth of November 2018


One of the loveliest things about autumn is the transformation of leaves from green to beautiful yellows, oranges and reds, eventually falling to the each dried and crunchy. Although the colder and shorter days may be less pleasant than the warm and sunny spring and summer, find some joy in the last moments before winter and have a go at crunching on some leaves. Trust me, it’s quite fun.


No kidding, crunching on some fall leaves can be satisfying and fun.

The thirteenth of November 2018


How long have humans and their related ancestral species created art? It is entirely impossible to know for sure, as many mediums may have not survived millennia and it is difficult to say what a person living during the Paleolithic era would have considered art. The earliest forms of art identified by archaeologists come from paintings in caves, most famously the Lascaux Caves in southwest France. Cave art is prevalent throughout France and Spain; however, recent research has identified even older examples in Sulawesi, Indonesia. Last week, a paper in Nature describe the oldest known cave art that was crafted at least 35,000 years ago in the East Kalimantan mountains of Borneo, Indonesia. The inside of the cave is said to be entirely covered in art, including animals and outlines of human hands. Of course, one of the animals that was painted onto the walls of Lubang Jeriji Saléh was indeed, a goat. As new dating methods emerge, archaeologists theorize that some cave art in Europe may be as old as 65,000 years, which means they were created by Neanderthals rather than modern humans. At any rate, the new discoveries from Borneo show that goats have always been part of the story of humans, even before their estimated date of domestication approximately 10,000 years ago.

Oldest painting of animals GOTD 12.11.18

An image of a goat on the wall of the Lubang Jeriji Saléh Cave, painted 35,00 years ago.

The twelfth of November 2018


Confidence is the belief in oneself and the belief that one has the ability to succeed. It is easy to allow self doubt to creep into your mind, but don’t let it. To quote a fantastic, classic film 10 Things I Hate About You, don’t let anyone, ever, make you feel like you don’t deserve what you want. You’ve got this, you can do this, and you’re amazing. Be fearless this week, believe in yourself and that anything is possible.


Cool, calm and confident.

The eleventh of November 2018


Are you looking for inspiration for the coming week? Sometimes, the best inspiration is hiding in plain sight. Enjoy whatever is around you, keep your expectations low and be happy today. Save anxiety and worry about what is on the other side for another day.


Have a lovely Sunday.