The third of October 2019


Depending on where you are, the autumn is a wonderful time to enjoy seasonal foods. Of course, there are pumpkins aplenty, but also beets, rocket (arugula), spinach, cabbage and sweet potatoes – all of which lend themselves to delicious, nourishing meals. Take care of yourself from the inside out – and sweet potatoes and pumpkin especially are wonderful fillers for one of my favourite fall foods – PIE.

The goat pictured below is Harriet, who is friends with Cindy, yesterday’s goat. They live happily together on my friend Pippa’s farm.

Make sure to stay nourished as the days grow shorter and colder this fall

The first of September 2019


Crip autumn days with crunchy leaves underfoot, brisk breezes demanding jumpers, cardigans and hoodies along with warm drinks and new books is such a lovely time of year. Although the year is nearly over, when September rolls around it always feels to me like a fresh start. Maybe commit embarking on a new challenge for the fall – perhaps reading a new book per month, making a new friend, or taking up a short course to learn a new skill. The possibilities are endless.

Fall is the perfect time for fresh starts

The fourteenth of November 2018


One of the loveliest things about autumn is the transformation of leaves from green to beautiful yellows, oranges and reds, eventually falling to the each dried and crunchy. Although the colder and shorter days may be less pleasant than the warm and sunny spring and summer, find some joy in the last moments before winter and have a go at crunching on some leaves. Trust me, it’s quite fun.


No kidding, crunching on some fall leaves can be satisfying and fun.