The third of October 2019


Depending on where you are, the autumn is a wonderful time to enjoy seasonal foods. Of course, there are pumpkins aplenty, but also beets, rocket (arugula), spinach, cabbage and sweet potatoes – all of which lend themselves to delicious, nourishing meals. Take care of yourself from the inside out – and sweet potatoes and pumpkin especially are wonderful fillers for one of my favourite fall foods – PIE.

The goat pictured below is Harriet, who is friends with Cindy, yesterday’s goat. They live happily together on my friend Pippa’s farm.

Make sure to stay nourished as the days grow shorter and colder this fall

The sixth of April 2019


Although many stereotypes would have you believe that goats like to eat garbage, we know that goats are usually just trying something out with an experimental chew before deciding whether or not its worth eating. That said, goats end up eating a lot of leafy green vegetables! Leafy green vegetables should also be a part of a human’s diet, as they are nutrient dense, with minimal calories, and help support a healthy immune system. They are also full of antioxidants, which help prevent your body from developing cancer. I like to eat a big pile of raw spinach with an egg in the morning.


Perhaps goats are wiser about food choices than we realize!