The twelfth of Easter 2020


My grandmother always said that is rains on Easter. I spent every Easter with her until she passed on fifteen years ago. I have a lot of happy memories of that tradition – we would make the seven hour drive and spend a week or so with her right when spring began. However, if she were still alive we would have to break the tradition this year. Although it’s sad to miss out on big holidays with friends and families, the more we distance the more likely we will get to resume our traditions or make new or better ones once this is all over. If you celebrate, I hope you have a lovely Easter.

The twenty first of April 2019


Happy Easter to all who celebrate. If that is not you, that is ok, I hope that you were able to capitalize on the commercialization of the holiday and enjoy some chocolate. If that is you, I hope you had a lovely day as well.

Did y’all know it was Easter? Good news, summer is just around the corner!