The twenty first of December 2019


Today is the winter solstice, the shortest day of the year in the northern hemisphere. In fact, if you live above the Arctic Circle, there will be an entire twenty four hour period of endless night! For some spiritual beliefs, today marks the beginning of the Yule, and in some ancient traditions the solstice represents the birth of the sun from the Moon goddess. Perhaps many of these traditions were absorbed by later Christian groups that invaded Northern Europe. For many, this is day is a wonderful day to turn your attention inward, take stock of things, let go of what no longer serves you and prepare for the transformation to the new year. If you are reading from the northern hemisphere, don’t worry, beginning tomorrow there will be a few more moments of sunlight everyday for about six months.

Today we descend into winter, but don’t worry, wonderful things are on their way.

The fifteenth of April 2019


It is really easy to get comfortable, isn’t it? We settle into our routines, our day to days, our safe spaces and get into a rhythm. Although there are lots of benefits to sticking to plans and habits, it’s hard to grow, improve and transform once we are set for awhile. The solution? Get uncomfortable, get out of your comfort zone and step out and take a chance! Do something different, do something that might even scare you a bit, but whatever it is, every now and then step our of your safety zone and experience something new. It might just lead to something amazing.

Get out there and change things up – you are more courageous than you know!