The twenty sixth of April 2020


Just a friendly reminder that you actually don’t have to learn a new skill or be mega-productive during lockdown. It is perfectly fine to ride it out your own way – if that means you learn a new language or discover a new law of science fantastic! If that means you watch a bunch of TikToks and take a lot of naps that’s fantastic too! The global situation is emotionally taxing for us all and we all have different ways of coping – and that is completely ok.

The twenty fifth of April 2020


It is difficult to see other people not social distancing. However, sometimes doing the right thing is difficult and not the easiest choice. When you stay inside and avoid others, you are helping the world fight against the virus. You can’t control what others do, but know that what you are doing is helping. Plus there is an internet full of goat pictures, cat memes, and hilarious videos to tide us over until it’s all over!

The twenty first of April 2020


It is ok to not be ok in this situation. COVID-19 really sucks, and I have been locked down for 34 days. However, the longer we can all hold out and stay hunkered down, the more of us there will be to celebrate with when it is all over. Stay apart, stay alive, stay safe y’all.

The twelfth of Easter 2020


My grandmother always said that is rains on Easter. I spent every Easter with her until she passed on fifteen years ago. I have a lot of happy memories of that tradition – we would make the seven hour drive and spend a week or so with her right when spring began. However, if she were still alive we would have to break the tradition this year. Although it’s sad to miss out on big holidays with friends and families, the more we distance the more likely we will get to resume our traditions or make new or better ones once this is all over. If you celebrate, I hope you have a lovely Easter.

The seventh of April 2020


Social distancing, lockdowns and quarantines are difficult for all. To stay connected, perhaps hold onto hope and find solidarity amongst people across the globe, a Facebook group has emerged called View From My Window. The rules are simple – you post where you are in the world and the view from your window – as we are all must stay inside as much as possible. People from all over the world have posted lovely pictures, but yesterday someone posted one and has kindly given me permission to use it here.

I am pleased to introduce you to Zippy from Killiechronan, Isle of Mull, Scotland and his brother George. Their human friend, Jean O’Donnell shared the first photo and sent along a few others to share.

The sixth of April 2020


My whole life I have been a square peg in a round hole. I always marched to the beat of my own drum, I always looked for the road less traveled, and never tried too hard to fit in. I saw these quirks as my strengths in life, and many times they have been strengths and are what makes me who I am.

However, if there was any time to bravely be a sheep, it is now. Listen to the scientists, listen to the health experts, wash your hands, stay inside, wear a mask, keep away from others and you will save lives. It is that simple. Your time to shine, to party, to interact, to hug and embrace will come again, so long as we all do our part now.

The twenty eighth of March 2020


In the UK, although we are in lockdown, we are encouraged to spend about one hour outside for exercise. We can either go alone, or go with other members of our household. In an otherwise difficult situation, I am grateful for the time. Getting outside and breathing the fresh hair is good for your physical and mental health, and it is essential to stay as active as possible. Just make sure to keep six feet from other people and you are good! Get out there and enjoy a little sunshine.

The twenty seventh of March 2020


I suppose given the day’s events we can justifiably say, avoid shaking hands with one another for the time being. Although I hate to wish the virus on anyone, it seems somewhat fitting that after defying world health experts that some people ended up with the virus in the end after all. I would recommend taking different actions like elbow bumps; however, maintaining six feet or two metres distance precludes that as well.

So, for the weekend, perhaps plan the ultimate staycation. Please note, it’s ok to snuggle with those who you live with, although avoid touching anyone else and keep washing your hands!