The third of January 2020


If you made a resolution that you have found difficult to keep be patient- changing habits take time. Shift your focus to long term success and don’t worry about being absolute and strict. Achieving goals comes from persistence over time, not perfection.

The thirteenth of January 2019


We are now nearly two weeks into 2019. Hopefully, at some point between the holiday festivities, embarking on resolutions and returning to work, you have carved out some much-needed time for rest. Although for many of us (myself included) it is hard not to fill every moment with seemingly important tasks, there are many benefits to devoting ourselves to relaxation. Rest can enhance creativity, productivity and focus. Setting aside time for regular rest can also reduce stress, inflammation and your risk of heart disease. Your sleep and immune system will get a boost from the reduction in sleep. So, never feel guilty for indulging in a lazy Sunday – it will make you a happier, healthier, more creative version of yourself!]


Rest today for a more productive and energized tomorrow!

The fourth of January 2019


New year, new you, find the way to happiness with this diet, this philosophy or a new regime! Alternatively, perhaps the way to actual happiness is to lower our expectations. That doesn’t mean succumbing to mediocrity or giving up on your hopes, dreams and goals. It just means redefining our expectations – pat yourself on the back for getting started, or accomplishing a part of your goal. Or, reflect on all of the good things in your life. Or take a moment to recognise what is going right – you wake up every morning, perhaps enjoy a tasty caffeinated beverage to a world where everyone is connected in some way or another. It’s a wonderful time to be alive!


Low expectations result in few disappointments: today, there is grass, it is green and delicious to someone. 

The second of January 2019


Plato apparently once said “You can discover more about a person from an hour of play than in a year of conversation.” Perhaps amongst all of the things you might want to change or do differently this year, devote more time for free play – perhaps there is something to discover about yourself you never knew!


Have fun this year!

The first day of 2019


Happy New Year! As usual, I make a lot of resolutions. First, I am going to stay hydrated this year. Second, I intend to wear leggings more often. Third, I will take more pictures of goats.


Resolved: More goats for 2019.