The sixth of October 2019


The harder your work for something, the more you need rest. In our physical bodies, the time we spend resting after a difficult task allow our body to heal and our muscles to become stronger. So rest up – you’ll be stronger for the week ahead!

In order to be your best, strongest self, you have to take time to rest.

The eleventh of August 2019


I urge you all to relax and rest up a lot – it goes well with the “good vibes” theme of this blog. However, sometimes, finding that relaxation and rest can actually take some work. The travel before the holiday or the preparation before you can switch off, but don’t worry and stress too much. Doing the leg work to get ready to relax is well worth it.

All the hassle is well worth the holiday

The twenty sixth of May 2019


Never leave for tomorrow what could be done today is usually a sage piece of advice; however, once in awhile, it is ok to leave the sink with some dishes, the floor with some laundry, or boring chores for the next day if something more pressing comes up first. That can even include allowing yourself adequate rest!


Don’t worry, it will get done, always prioritize yourself.

The third of April 2019


Find someone in this world who you can rest your head on. At the end of the day, a good partner is someone who supports you no matter what, even if you need to take a nap using them as your pillow for a bit.

A good friend will always have a place for you.

The tenth of February 2019


When everyday feels like a race, slowing down can be somewhat difficult. Trust me though, it’s worth it.


Enjoy the last few hours of the weekend and prepare for an amazing week ahead!

The ninth of February 2019


Everything is so competitive these days, from parenting to the office to the gym to the kitchen, it can be exhausting. I say, rather than run yourself ragged, take a break from the competition, relax and sit back. You aren’t as behind the self-aggrandizers as it may seem, and can do what you love better after a recharge. Enjoy the weekend y’all.


Saturdays are a wonderful time to slow down and have a nice, long sit.

The sixth of February 2019


Sometimes, you just got to do your own thing, go your own way, and be your own best friend. It’s good to be part of a group or a community, but occasional solitude has its benefits as well. It can give you a chance to reboot, refocus, work out the kinks and solve problems, and even improve your relationships with others. Don’t worry that you are keeping yourself from those you care about, the better you take care of you the better you can be for those you care about.


Drink as you pour, nourish yourself so you can best nourish those most important to you.

The thirteenth of January 2019


We are now nearly two weeks into 2019. Hopefully, at some point between the holiday festivities, embarking on resolutions and returning to work, you have carved out some much-needed time for rest. Although for many of us (myself included) it is hard not to fill every moment with seemingly important tasks, there are many benefits to devoting ourselves to relaxation. Rest can enhance creativity, productivity and focus. Setting aside time for regular rest can also reduce stress, inflammation and your risk of heart disease. Your sleep and immune system will get a boost from the reduction in sleep. So, never feel guilty for indulging in a lazy Sunday – it will make you a happier, healthier, more creative version of yourself!]


Rest today for a more productive and energized tomorrow!