The nineteenth of September 2019


Nothing really worth doing ever comes easily. Conceptualize your set backs simply as challenges to overcome. If it is really worth it, you’ll get there, but always expect there to be challenges. Just think of it as adding interesting chapters to your future victory story.


Take care of yourself, but know that the journey to anywhere amazing is going to be challenging.

The eleventh of August 2019


I urge you all to relax and rest up a lot – it goes well with the “good vibes” theme of this blog. However, sometimes, finding that relaxation and rest can actually take some work. The travel before the holiday or the preparation before you can switch off, but don’t worry and stress too much. Doing the leg work to get ready to relax is well worth it.

All the hassle is well worth the holiday

The fourth of August 2019


You make the best plans and set forth, only to find after many of life’s diversions and detours that you feel lost and off course. It happens to everyone, even with the most carefully laid out plans and the hardest work. Consider that maybe you aren’t actually lost, and heading somewhere else, somewhere even better, somewhere you were truly meant to be. Thank you to my friend Chloe Ashley for spotting this lovely goat near Cromer, UK.

Lost in the weeds or intentionally enjoying the majestic countryside?

The seventeenth of July 2019


Putting yourself out there is really hard, and sometimes when you are looking for the right path you end up trying out a lot of different things and sometimes you find success but other times you don’t. It may be painful in the moment, but in the end it’s just part of the journey. Stay the course and you will get there, the road to success is never easy or straightforward.

Don’t dwell on rejections, just keep pressing on.

The twenty second of May 2019


Dream big and dream often. If your dream doesn’t pan out, you can always dream of something else. The adventure is the best part anyway.


Debbie Harry said, “Dreaming is free.”