The sixth of March 2019


Things may not be perfect, but they are also not so bad if you look around. Spring is on the way and there is no one quite like you in the universe.

The challenges and disappointments we face make the great times even more wonderful.

The twenty fifth of February 2019


To err is human” some wise person said a long time ago. Do goats make mistakes? I am not sure; however, most mistakes are not as bad as they seem in the moment. Sometimes you have to ask yourself, will this be as important next week? Maybe. Will I remember this moment in six months time? Probably not. Could this be solved with a simple conversation? Indeed! So do not waste your time worrying and just keep moving forward.


Sometimes, the best thing you can do is to forgive yourself. 

The twenty fourth of February 2019


Seize the week ahead – you never know – something marvelous might happen!

What does the universe have in store for you this week?

The twenty first of February 2019


A good friend is one of life’s most important and precious gifts. You never know where and who might become one of your most closest confidants.

Make friends wherever you go!