The twenty third of October 2019


Time moves in one direction, forward. You can never go back and change what was, and no one knows what may come tomorrow. So make the most of the present.

Your time is precious don’t succumb to worry and procrastination.

The sixth of February 2019


Sometimes, you just got to do your own thing, go your own way, and be your own best friend. It’s good to be part of a group or a community, but occasional solitude has its benefits as well. It can give you a chance to reboot, refocus, work out the kinks and solve problems, and even improve your relationships with others. Don’t worry that you are keeping yourself from those you care about, the better you take care of you the better you can be for those you care about.


Drink as you pour, nourish yourself so you can best nourish those most important to you.

The third of February 2019


A new week is upon us – are you looking forward to anything (aside from and including spring)? Sundays are a great time to check in and make a plan for the upcoming week, you never know, something amazing might happen!


Whatever is on the horizon, I hope that it is wonderful.