The second of August 2019


When things don’t quite seem to be working out the way you planned, just focus on the present moment. There is nothing you can do to change the past, and the future has yet to be written, so just allow yourself to enjoy all the beautiful things of the now.

Find the wonderful in the present and don’t fret over the past

The sixteenth of March 2019


There are those of us who have the ability to totally go with the flow. Meet Brownie, another caprine friend from The Haven Zoo. Brownie is known for being super chill and getting along with everyone, humans, animals, and even our shy, special goat of the day from yesterday, Cece. Sometimes, the best thing to do in life is just to accept where you are, in the now and be grateful for what’s around. Things aren’t so bad, and you might realize that your now is actually your sanctuary. Please check out The Haven and consider their opportunities to volunteer and support!


Brownie knows how to chill and is a friend to all.